Monday, August 15, 2016

Many Miracles From God This Week!

The baptism group Claudia, Jesus, Karla and Jose

August 15, 2016

Hola, mi familia y amigos,
This week was awesome! We definitely have had many miracles from God this week!
We found a lot of people to teach, but I want to tell you about Claudia and Jesus who got baptized yesterday. On Friday, Claudia told us they were going to get baptized and then on Saturday, the whole day, we could not find them, so we were really worried. Then she called us and told us that they were not getting baptized. We were disappointed and got even more worried and everything.
So that night, I told Elder Cox that we needed to pray and figure out what was up with her, and so we prayed…for a long time...and we asked God what she needed so that she could get baptized. After the prayer, Elder Cox thought of a scripture. And we decided that we NEEDED to talk to her but we didn’t know how. The reason is because we teach her at her work and SHE LIVES IN NARNIA!! [For those of you unfamiliar with the “Chronicles of Narnia”, he means really far away] so we just left it in the Lord’s hands.
We woke up the next day, prayed for guidance, and then left the house. I thought that we should go and invite our other investigators to go to church and everything. So we went on our way, and as we walked, we passed by the work of Claudia. She wasn’t there, so we just kept on going to visit with our other investigators. We talked with them for a while and then we headed for the chapel. We started walking and then I felt prompted to pass by one more time to Claudia’s work, and SHE WAS THERE!
We started talking, and we really just sat her down and talked. She opened up and told us all of her problems and EVERYTHING! And then she said something and a thought came into my head. I knew God was with us. I started talking and used the scripture that my companion thought of last night. Everything just seemed to mend together, and well.... SHE GOT BAPTIZED! We answered all of her doubts and she trusted in the Lord and took the step of baptism with her son!
THIS STORY IS JUST ONE OF THE MANY MIRACLES that happened this week. This week we baptized FOUR people and each one has a story!
Also, the Mission President called us and congratulated us for the success we had and for the success we are having in our zone. We beat the record for the most baptisms in a week for a zone, which was 20!!! God has been blessing us a lot this week.
I LOVE THE MISSION! I’m seeing more and more of God’s hands in my life!

- Elder Pukahi

Claudia & Jesus (mother & son) baptized
Jose baptized
Karla baptized

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