Thursday, November 26, 2015


and who said I wasn't a photographer.
November 26, 2015

THEY FED US TURKEY, MASHPOTATOES, AND PIE!!!!!!!!  It’s literally the best day ever. I mean the CCM food is usually good, but there is nothing like a good ‘ole AMERICAN meal. Love, love, love, love, love!
My LATINO AMIGOS! I love them so much! they left this last Monday to the field but after our missions were are all going to Chill!
Man, I have so much to say…. Okay, so my Zone had one of the district's leave to the field. It was sad but happy and exciting times. I mean they get to go share this wonderful gospel with so many people. They are going to do so well! This district has helped us all A LOT, as we have been bearing testimony to each other the whole time. ALSO, most of them are from Utah and actually lived sooo close to us. One of the Hermanas, Hermana Hollingshead, I went to school with her in 9th grade. She went to Timp...(shaking my head) but it’s all good. Love her still. I didn’t realize how much I was gonna love each Elder and Hermana. Everyone has such a sweet spirit here and everybody is here for a reason. IT’S AWESOME!!
OKAYYYY… so this week, I learned a whole lot. In one of the lessons from Hermano Candiani, we talked about Christlike attributes, and how we need to become like Him. It was about "what we do" vs "what we are". Just because we help one person doesn’t mean we can classify ourselves as a helpful person. It’s like this... If you want to be good at soccer, you have to practice every day until being good at soccer is a part of who you are. Then we can classify ourselves as being good at soccer or whatever. This is exactly how we can become like Christ. If we try and try to do things like Christ EVERY SINGLE DAY, then one day, just maybe one day, we could become as perfect as he was.
Adrian’s brother... I FOUND HIM!
THEN after we got asked the question, "Who do you want to become?” That got me thinking... Who DO I want to become? Do I want to become a good missionary, a good person, a good (hopefully) husband? But you can wake up one morning and suddenly you’re good. You have to work on it. So I’m going to work on being better and becoming the person I want to become and what God wants me to become.

And here's the pic of them 

having Thanksgiving dinner.

OKAY—next story... So I realized today that this is the first Thanksgiving without Josh and I was getting really, really sad. But, of course, God is always on our side because in Tuesday’s night Devotional, it was what I needed. The devotional was awesome! It was from an Elder from the Seventy that, unfortunately, I can’t remember his name right now, but Hermana Bigley later talked about how the Elder bore his testimony of how Jesus Christ was his best companion in the mission field. AND STILL IS. When she said that, it reminded me of the bands we got for Josh’s cancer-- the "NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!"  And for a long time I always thought that they applied just for Josh and his cancer. But it’s not. It’s for all of us. Those words are a clear reminder for me that I AM NEVER ALONE. If I’m struggling or the person next to you is struggling, we are not alone. We are never alone. Even through our trials, Jesus Christ is right beside us, wishing for us to understand the better plan. Just remember that we have people on the other side cheering for us to make it through. So I know it’s hard not having Josh here, but he´s with grandmas and grandpas, and they are all cheering for us to get through this earthly life and return to them. So if I ever get down or if you guys ever get down, remind me and remind each other that we have people, who love us so much, beside us, cheering us on!

From left to right--Elder Lindsay (such a sick kid), 

Elder Henrie (love this kid) Elder Gunnell, 
Hermana Reynoso (lol I always called her Hermana Reynosa!) 
Hermana Hollingshead (my buddy from school), 
Elder Donkin (my rapper buddy) Elder Orrock (this kid kills me)
and Elder Gonzalez (such a sweet kid)

I love you guys so much! Thank you for being my family. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for supporting me. I’m very thankful for a lot of things, but I’m very thankful to be able to call you guys my FAMILY! I love you with all mi corazon.
-Elder Pukahi

(your favorite child)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

This Week Was Way Good!

Another Group Shot with Funny Poses
November 19, 2015

This week was way good! But let me just say something… Last week was crazy. After I emailed you, my whole district was depressed, and it was weird because EVERYONE is usually happy. So it was a little hard trying to help them and get their spirits up. But GOD CARES ABOUT EACH ONE OF US. We had something.... I don’t remember what it was… but it talked about the reason why we are here, and that we all have talents, and it was everything my district needed to get started again. I’m doing awesome, though.
OKAY, ABOUT MY COMPANIONS—yes, companions! I am now a trio. Since last week an Elder went home (which I mentioned in my last letter), we were blessed with another companion. And it was perfect timing because once we got him, within an hour we had to teach our investigator. It was fun. If one of us didn’t listen to the Spirit and the needs of our investigator, we were toast! But what I learned from this experience was if you just trust in the Lord and really listen for the Spirit, you have done your part.
My companions are Elder McGary (whose going to my mission that I talked about) and Elder De Friez – both from Utah. Elder McGary went to American Fork High School and graduated my year. It is awesome because he knows all the kids I played soccer with. Elder De Friez is from somewhere in Emery County... I think. Lo siento [I’m sorry]. But they are awesome, and we are connecting really well. BUT LET ME JUST SAY-- They love my singing. LOL.
Sundays are the best. I think Jessica was the one that told me that and it’s the truest thing in the world. Just no matter how hard the week is when you get to Sunday, you can just feel the spirit tremendously and all your burdens are lifted away. It’s pretty nice.
So I heard France got bombed?!?!! WHAT?!?!?!
Anyway, I have had an awesome time here in the CCM. Why I say that is because even though the teachers are helping us, we are helping them. Sharing our testimonies every day is the best and it helps each one of us. One of my teachers, Hermana Silva, lost her father two weeks ago, and we only got to chat a little, not very much, but man, I just know we will have an awesome talk. I CAN’T WAIT!
Spanish is coming. It’s hard and easy at the same time (well, CCM Spanish. LOL.) I know it’s nothing compared to the field, but hey, at least I’m learning. It’s awesome because when you have the Spirit, it brings everything unto your remembrance and it totally helps with memorization.
There’s so much to say but so little time… I love each and every one of you.
WAIT… one more thing. The best chocolate candy things in the world are called "buenos". Coleson, Carlton, Cody, do you know what they are?!?!  Oh, and Coleson, there’s all these maestros [teachers] who know you because you served in their ward and they remember you. They say I act and look sort of like you so I’m taking that as a good thing.... right? LOL
Oh, and Adrian, I found your brother but every time we see each other, neither one of us has our camera. So I promise I will get one before he leaves on Monday!
Love you, family!
De su favorito hijo,
Elder Pukahi

p.s. Everyone loves my middle name-- thanks padres!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Gospel Is True!

Personas from left to right. Elder Horne, Elder Oakeson (literally my twin), Elder De Friez (My new compañero), Hermana Carlson, Hermana Bigley, Hermana Nielson, Hermana Lange, Elder Clawson, MEEEEEEEE, Elder McGary (Mi compañero)

November 12, 2015

Mexico MTC WEEK 1

Dear Mom! Family!,

The Gospel is true! Here at the CCM (Mexico MTC), the Espirtu Santo is so strong. I have much to say in so little time.
First things first…MEXICO IS SICKKKKK! The bus ride over to the MTC was coooool. The people are very interesting, and Mexico City is ALWAYS PARTYING but I love everyone here at the CCM and mi maestros. They all live here in Mexico City and are very strong in the gospel and help me so much.
The first couple days were hard, but they were totally worth it. We taught an investigator on our 2nd day here in Spanish. That was so hard! But I have realized if you have the Spirit with you, and if the investigator can feel it, it doesn’t matter how much Spanish you know. You can still communicate and share what that investigator needs to hear.
BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SUNDAYS… I don’t think I have ever been so happy to have a Sunday—the Spirit is so strong, and it helps reassure you why you are out here, serving a mission.
Elder McGary
Now about my District and mi compañero… Mi compañero is Elder McGary. He was actually my first amigo off the plane from SLC to LAX. I walked off the plane, and he was right next to me. Of course, all of us were a little awkward and all because we’re new missionaries… lol. But guess what? HE´S GOING TO REYNOSA. The very first person I meet off the plane is going to my mission, and when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to I right?!?!?!  Me and him get along so well – esta perfecto!
My district is THE BEST!  Everyone has such a sweet spirit and is so kind and loving. I literally call them mi familia. But quick story…This last Tuesday we had a devotional from Elder Reyes of the Area of the Seventy. He talked about Zion and how we, as missionaries, have to be worthy, and we have to be one in everything we do. Then later that day, we have devotional review, which is when we just talk about the devotional and talk about whatever the Spirit leads us. So during the devotional review, we talked about everything, and what truly hit me was that we – as a companionship, as a district, as a zone, as a MTC, and as a family – need to be "as one heart and as one mind". If we can be as one heart and one mind, then we can all stop focusing on ourselves and be like our Savior and put all our time and effort to build Zion! I can promise you guys, I am trying my hardest and with all my heart to be what God needs me to be!
My district LOVES ME… lol…jk. I probably annoy them because I’m singing all the time and say "LO TENEMOS" all the time…but I love them with all my heart. AND let me tell you, I have never cried so much until the CCM. It’s not because I’m sad or overwhelmed, even though at times I really am. It’s because the Spirit is very strong, and you just want to share your testimony with everyone. I literally say I Love You so much to everyone that everyone is getting sick of me.
But… today is SAD, one of our Elders went home today—Elder C. It’s like a part of my heart and our family is being ripped out from us. But we know that it is the right thing to do. I have so much respect for him, and I love him with all my heart. Elder C is so courageous and special to me. BUT REMEMBER, YOU HAVE TO BE WORTHY AND READY TO SERVE A MISSION. That’s all I can say. The Spirit is so strong and if you don’t have the spirit with you, you will feel like you’re literally drowning and the only way to survive is to Look Towards Christ.
The language is coming. It’s hard because all I think in right now is Spanish. So typing right now was really hard. I am so thankful for the gift of tongues and how the Spirit will bring things unto remembrance. I have tons way to go, but I know if you just put your whole faith and trust in the Lord, HE WILL PROVIDE!
I wish I could write more but I gotta go play some fútbol!!!  WOOOOOOOOOO!
I love you guys so much. I love everyone here in the CCM. I love GOD and ALL he has given me. Please thank him every day for the many blessings you have!
From your favorite son, brother, and everything possibly imaginable,

Elder Pukahi

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Safe LOL Mexico

Elder Tyson Maclennan and Elder Pukahi

November 4, 2015

Hi Family,

I love you guys.  I’m safe lol Mexico is different but so cool.  I’ll tell you more later.  I got to go but I will email you guys next Thursday for my P-day.

-Your Favorite Child

Elder Pukahi

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[Elder Pukahi]
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Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
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