Thursday, November 26, 2015


and who said I wasn't a photographer.
November 26, 2015

THEY FED US TURKEY, MASHPOTATOES, AND PIE!!!!!!!!  It’s literally the best day ever. I mean the CCM food is usually good, but there is nothing like a good ‘ole AMERICAN meal. Love, love, love, love, love!
My LATINO AMIGOS! I love them so much! they left this last Monday to the field but after our missions were are all going to Chill!
Man, I have so much to say…. Okay, so my Zone had one of the district's leave to the field. It was sad but happy and exciting times. I mean they get to go share this wonderful gospel with so many people. They are going to do so well! This district has helped us all A LOT, as we have been bearing testimony to each other the whole time. ALSO, most of them are from Utah and actually lived sooo close to us. One of the Hermanas, Hermana Hollingshead, I went to school with her in 9th grade. She went to Timp...(shaking my head) but it’s all good. Love her still. I didn’t realize how much I was gonna love each Elder and Hermana. Everyone has such a sweet spirit here and everybody is here for a reason. IT’S AWESOME!!
OKAYYYY… so this week, I learned a whole lot. In one of the lessons from Hermano Candiani, we talked about Christlike attributes, and how we need to become like Him. It was about "what we do" vs "what we are". Just because we help one person doesn’t mean we can classify ourselves as a helpful person. It’s like this... If you want to be good at soccer, you have to practice every day until being good at soccer is a part of who you are. Then we can classify ourselves as being good at soccer or whatever. This is exactly how we can become like Christ. If we try and try to do things like Christ EVERY SINGLE DAY, then one day, just maybe one day, we could become as perfect as he was.
Adrian’s brother... I FOUND HIM!
THEN after we got asked the question, "Who do you want to become?” That got me thinking... Who DO I want to become? Do I want to become a good missionary, a good person, a good (hopefully) husband? But you can wake up one morning and suddenly you’re good. You have to work on it. So I’m going to work on being better and becoming the person I want to become and what God wants me to become.

And here's the pic of them 

having Thanksgiving dinner.

OKAY—next story... So I realized today that this is the first Thanksgiving without Josh and I was getting really, really sad. But, of course, God is always on our side because in Tuesday’s night Devotional, it was what I needed. The devotional was awesome! It was from an Elder from the Seventy that, unfortunately, I can’t remember his name right now, but Hermana Bigley later talked about how the Elder bore his testimony of how Jesus Christ was his best companion in the mission field. AND STILL IS. When she said that, it reminded me of the bands we got for Josh’s cancer-- the "NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!"  And for a long time I always thought that they applied just for Josh and his cancer. But it’s not. It’s for all of us. Those words are a clear reminder for me that I AM NEVER ALONE. If I’m struggling or the person next to you is struggling, we are not alone. We are never alone. Even through our trials, Jesus Christ is right beside us, wishing for us to understand the better plan. Just remember that we have people on the other side cheering for us to make it through. So I know it’s hard not having Josh here, but he´s with grandmas and grandpas, and they are all cheering for us to get through this earthly life and return to them. So if I ever get down or if you guys ever get down, remind me and remind each other that we have people, who love us so much, beside us, cheering us on!

From left to right--Elder Lindsay (such a sick kid), 

Elder Henrie (love this kid) Elder Gunnell, 
Hermana Reynoso (lol I always called her Hermana Reynosa!) 
Hermana Hollingshead (my buddy from school), 
Elder Donkin (my rapper buddy) Elder Orrock (this kid kills me)
and Elder Gonzalez (such a sweet kid)

I love you guys so much! Thank you for being my family. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for supporting me. I’m very thankful for a lot of things, but I’m very thankful to be able to call you guys my FAMILY! I love you with all mi corazon.
-Elder Pukahi

(your favorite child)

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