Saturday, December 5, 2015

We Got Out Of The Walls Of The CCM!

"I convinced the hermano to let me ride it. IT WAS SOOO COOOL!"

December 2, 2015

Hola, Family & Friends!!
Okay, so today we got out of the walls of the CCM! It was for immigration stuff AND Mexico City is HUGE!!!!!! The people are nice, and it’s so fun talking with people, even with my really, really broken EspaƱol. lol. And because we went to the city, I do not have much time, so today’s email will have to be short. Plus, I get to go play some Latinos in soccer!
But this week has been awesome… Remember how I said God makes it happen so whatever you need he supplies. It’s verdad [true]! The devotional this Tuesday was a devotional from Elder Bednar like from four years ago. Not really sure when but he was talking to people before the age change happened. But that’s not really important… He talked about what we can learn from Christ--not about Christ. And what he means is that Christ through his whole life, through everything he did, he NEVER looked inward. HE ALWAYS LOOKED OUTWARD. No matter what it was—to help, to care, to love the people that hated him. No matter what he did, he still loved. For example, at the time when Judas betrayed him and Peter cut off the guard’s ear. Jesus, knowing he was going to die, even after suffering for all our sins having no strength left, HE HEALED THAT GUARD’S EAR! He is the perfect example.
It got me thinking – WHO am I? Am I the person who only cares for himself? Or in the time when I am most needed will I care more for the person next to me than myself?
This reminded me a lot of Mothers—especially you, Mom. Mothers will do anything—ANYTHING for their children. I remember so many times, Mom, when you were having one of your major headaches and wasn’t feeling good at all, but when I needed you, YOU would get out of bed to help me with something I COULD HAVE definitely done on my own. SO THANK YOU! I could never repay you for what you’ve done in my life. I wish everybody knew that I HAD THE BEST MOM! Thank you, thank you!!
But this is what I want to leave you guys with. Who are we going to be? No matter what we do, we can’t decide today that we are who we are. BUT today we can decide who we want to become.
I love this Gospel soooo much. It’s crazy how much God is in our lives. I remember in Sunday School, Brother Ward told us 4th Ward wardies to write in our journal every day where we could see God has had a hand in. DO IT! Because then, you will realize how much we are NOTHING without our Father above.
I love you, family! I love everyone!!!

- Elder Pukahi

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