Monday, June 27, 2016

Party Time With Mission President and Wife

Elder Pukahi with Mission President Morales and Sister Morales
June 27, 2016
Dear Mi Familia & Friends,
MOMMY, I love your emails!
YOU GUYS ARE DOING A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS without me but I’m so happy for you!!!! KEEP IT UP! Keep doing stuff because that means you are having fun and enjoying life—which you need to do after everything we’ve been through. And I know when I get back, we’ll do a lot of things together. But you guys already know that I’m going to go and have some fun for myself and I will be making you jealous so don’t worry! LOL.
But this last week we were able to do a huge amount of things. We found a great number of people that seem to want to progress, and we are seeing the blessings that God has given us.
Lunch in Reynosa with
CCM companion Elder McGary
Also, on Friday we had A PARTY! It was for our Mission President because him and his wife are leaving this week and because we achieved our goal for baptisms this last month. So we went to REYNOSA and I SAW EVERYONE! That was the best! Seeing every missionary is the best. I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone. I got a great amount of pictures.
Elder Mullins and Elder Pukahi
It’s been weird. God has just suddenly PUT people in our way. This week we found a woman who works in the Cyber where we write. She’s actually here right now, but after writing this last week, we started a conversation with her like it was nothing. We weren’t even trying to teach her the Gospel. We just wanted to get to know her and well, she’s now reading the Book of Mormon. She’s half way through 1st Nephi. She has some challenges, for instance, her husband… We don’t know if he’s going to cause trouble and even allow her to be baptized but we’ll find out soon enough. And she’s not the only one. This week was amazing. Even when I feel inadequate to do this work, somehow God trusts me to do it, and he puts people in our path.
My companion and I are now really tight. Elder Segundo is chill. At first it was hard but as we’ve grown together, we now have this special bond. I cannot even describe it. When we are teaching, it’s like I know what he’s going to say and I am just waiting for him to say it, so I can then testify of his words. I’ve learned a lot with Him and I’m learning a lot more. I mean we haven’t had the success we wanted but maybe it wasn’t the things that we needed... guys already know! I LOVE THE MISSION! I know with all my heart this church is the only true church upon the Earth. And the Gospel is the only way we can truly receive the pure happiness of life.
I love you with ALL my heart. I cannot even describe how much I love you guys.  STAY SAFE!
- Elder Pukahi

p.s. There’s a missionary here with me that knows Griffon Bodine, because Griffon is serving in his home…SMALL WORLD!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!!

June 20, 2016

Elder Pukahi & Elder Sigundo
Okay, I’ll write regularly now. It’s because everyone who speaks Spanish speaks with caps. No se porque… I don’t know why but yeah.... Sorry, it’s really hard to write right now. I’m having a hard time switching from Spanish to English.
This week the president came again. We found a great load of people so that was really good because we’ve been praying and fasting for these people but how we found them was so funny! So I have an addiction… BOLIS which is the Spanish word for popsicles, but here in Mexico, they make BOMB popsicles! It’s not even funny. But I have an addiction and I got my companion addicted as well…lol!  That’s what happens when we are together for 24 hours each and every day. It happens!
So how we found these people was on the hottest day this week. We bought a huge amount of popsicles throughout the day, and so every time we found a popsicle place, we would start talking to the person. Then suddenly we would start teaching them and they accepted everything. It was such a weird and funny day/week but it was a good one!
Thank you guys so much for the books! I’ve been reading a lot lately. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. It’s weird how much the mission changes a lot of things. Knowledge literally is power.
But what I had the funnest time doing this week was testifying. This week like every week, we ran into a lot of people that are just chays. They don’t want anything to do with the Gospel but think they know everything, and so they tell us that we are wrong. And when we ask them a simple question like what is faith, they can’t even reply. I feel so sad for these people because they are literally lost and they have too much pride to even listen. It’s hard to watch that…
(Chay is a word that’s only used in my mission. We use it to describe a lot of things like when people are not going to progress and just make up a whole bunch of excuses and stuff like that. We use it in many different other cases.)
This one lady was telling us that we are false and everything because we believe in the Book of Mormon. I had a Book of Mormon in my hand and she told me if I had a Bible in my hand instead of the Book of Mormon she would listen to us. So we took out our Bibles and started talking to her. She had a very hard heart but as I put away my Bible in my bag, she said, “Don’t put it away. It’s the word of God.” And that’s when we just started testifying.
THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE WORD OF GOD!! I know it to be true. No other church compares to how true our church is. We have a witness that our church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true, and the saddest thing in the whole entire world is that the people could receive a whole bunch of blessings if only they would READ THE BOOK! I know the church is true with all my heart.
I love you guys!!!  Thanks for being my family.
- Elder Pukahi

Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm So Happy...

Here’s me and Elder Lovera.  He’s pretty sweet.  He was one of the 
missionaries that came out with me into the field from the Mexico MTC.

June 13, 2016

Dear mi familia y amigos,
I love you guys SO MUCH!!!
I’m so happy to hear all this great news of the Fam! Glad to see all these great blessings that have been stowed upon us! I’m speaking OLD ENGLISH! What is wrong with me? The’s so hard to speak English now – 1. Because it is pure Spanish in my house, and 2. I like speaking Spanish more than English. It’s so weird. I feel like I’m two different persons but the same. It’s weird.
Well, this week we grew as a companionship. Sometimes you just need to have patience and let God work in our lives. Sometimes you need to be humble enough to let God work in our lives. It’s surprising how much we can learn in one week. Always we are learning! It’s kind of exhausting.
We made Spam Musubi again.
But what I want to share is that we always need the Spirit. Because when we don’t, it’s when we fall. This week we had an awesome lesson. It was with one of our investigators. SHE HAD A LOT OF DOUBTS and well, through the Spirit, we realized what her doubts were without even asking her. IT WAS SO COOL! Her son is a member and she’s always listened to the missionaries. ALWAYS. And well, we tried our best. But as we were asking her questions, we felt very prompted to talk about a certain theme — THE RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL and specifically just about Joseph Smith. And after we gave our lesson, she told us that she’s had this question FOR YEARS but was always afraid to ask. So she might be getting baptized this weekend. Depends if God has been preparing her enough!
I LOVE THE MISSION!! And I love you all so much!
- Elder Pukahi
P.S.  But tell Jess I am so jealous of all her traveling and fun times! It seems like you guys are playing hard without me which I love!!!!

So happy for Danielle. James is a blessing for our family. He’s going to make my dear old cute cousin so happy!! That’s so weird but I get so happy thinking about it!

Monday, June 6, 2016

This Week Was Crazy

June 6, 2016



How are you guys?  I am doing awesome! This week was crazy—it rained A TON!! Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures when it flooded. I just have videos and I can’t really send them…
Moving Day
Well, this week was a little crazy because WE MOVED and we will have a baptism next Saturday so that’s nice! Our house was pretty disgusting and none of the things worked. We didn’t have any hot water or air conditioning, and washing our clothes by hand. (Yes, I know...I’m washing my guys are proud...don’t worry I know...because I’m your favorite! I know I haven’t said that for a while but it’s nice to say it. Haha!)  Well, back to the real stuff… The changing of houses included in the morning that it rained a lot and flooded the streets, which caused us to find a huge amount of cockroaches, as well as us riding at 8.30 pm on the back of a truck while it started to rain again. The truth is:  I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN! But it’s so nice to have our new house because it is cooolllll!
Exchanges with my district leader, Elder Lundell.
But on a spiritual note, we worked really hard this week, considering we lost a day and a half when we were moving houses. We also had exchanges with one of my district leaders, Elder Lundell. We actually found a family that could be “chosen” but we don’t know right now because they didn’t come to church. Waah! But we’ll see. I’ve learned a lot this week about what kind of person I am and what God has planned for me. I mean I still don’t have a lot of answers but I’m searching. I’ve read a lot from my patriarchal blessing as well as the Book of Mormon. I know without a doubt from my heart that this Church is the true church and that in these days, we can receive personal revelation! are you guys reading your patriarchal blessings??? and JAMISON... PREPARE TO GET YOURS!
At times we think that we are doing good and get comfortable and think we don’t need to strengthen ourselves in the Gospel and that’s something from Satan. Because as Children of God, we have the ability to be like him and if we aren’t working, reading, trying everyday to be like him, WE WON’T! This week we’ve met a lot of inactives, just by knocking on doors, and the reason they are inactive is because they forgot their view, their end goal. So yeah.
Well, I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Elder Pukahi

P.S. Cuidense mucho! y Jessica escribame!!!!! Cómo te vas?!?!!?