Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm So Happy...

Here’s me and Elder Lovera.  He’s pretty sweet.  He was one of the 
missionaries that came out with me into the field from the Mexico MTC.

June 13, 2016

Dear mi familia y amigos,
I love you guys SO MUCH!!!
I’m so happy to hear all this great news of the Fam! Glad to see all these great blessings that have been stowed upon us! I’m speaking OLD ENGLISH! What is wrong with me? The’s so hard to speak English now – 1. Because it is pure Spanish in my house, and 2. I like speaking Spanish more than English. It’s so weird. I feel like I’m two different persons but the same. It’s weird.
Well, this week we grew as a companionship. Sometimes you just need to have patience and let God work in our lives. Sometimes you need to be humble enough to let God work in our lives. It’s surprising how much we can learn in one week. Always we are learning! It’s kind of exhausting.
We made Spam Musubi again.
But what I want to share is that we always need the Spirit. Because when we don’t, it’s when we fall. This week we had an awesome lesson. It was with one of our investigators. SHE HAD A LOT OF DOUBTS and well, through the Spirit, we realized what her doubts were without even asking her. IT WAS SO COOL! Her son is a member and she’s always listened to the missionaries. ALWAYS. And well, we tried our best. But as we were asking her questions, we felt very prompted to talk about a certain theme — THE RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL and specifically just about Joseph Smith. And after we gave our lesson, she told us that she’s had this question FOR YEARS but was always afraid to ask. So she might be getting baptized this weekend. Depends if God has been preparing her enough!
I LOVE THE MISSION!! And I love you all so much!
- Elder Pukahi
P.S.  But tell Jess I am so jealous of all her traveling and fun times! It seems like you guys are playing hard without me which I love!!!!

So happy for Danielle. James is a blessing for our family. He’s going to make my dear old cute cousin so happy!! That’s so weird but I get so happy thinking about it!

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