Monday, June 6, 2016

This Week Was Crazy

June 6, 2016



How are you guys?  I am doing awesome! This week was crazy—it rained A TON!! Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures when it flooded. I just have videos and I can’t really send them…
Moving Day
Well, this week was a little crazy because WE MOVED and we will have a baptism next Saturday so that’s nice! Our house was pretty disgusting and none of the things worked. We didn’t have any hot water or air conditioning, and washing our clothes by hand. (Yes, I know...I’m washing my guys are proud...don’t worry I know...because I’m your favorite! I know I haven’t said that for a while but it’s nice to say it. Haha!)  Well, back to the real stuff… The changing of houses included in the morning that it rained a lot and flooded the streets, which caused us to find a huge amount of cockroaches, as well as us riding at 8.30 pm on the back of a truck while it started to rain again. The truth is:  I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN! But it’s so nice to have our new house because it is cooolllll!
Exchanges with my district leader, Elder Lundell.
But on a spiritual note, we worked really hard this week, considering we lost a day and a half when we were moving houses. We also had exchanges with one of my district leaders, Elder Lundell. We actually found a family that could be “chosen” but we don’t know right now because they didn’t come to church. Waah! But we’ll see. I’ve learned a lot this week about what kind of person I am and what God has planned for me. I mean I still don’t have a lot of answers but I’m searching. I’ve read a lot from my patriarchal blessing as well as the Book of Mormon. I know without a doubt from my heart that this Church is the true church and that in these days, we can receive personal revelation! are you guys reading your patriarchal blessings??? and JAMISON... PREPARE TO GET YOURS!
At times we think that we are doing good and get comfortable and think we don’t need to strengthen ourselves in the Gospel and that’s something from Satan. Because as Children of God, we have the ability to be like him and if we aren’t working, reading, trying everyday to be like him, WE WON’T! This week we’ve met a lot of inactives, just by knocking on doors, and the reason they are inactive is because they forgot their view, their end goal. So yeah.
Well, I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Elder Pukahi

P.S. Cuidense mucho! y Jessica escribame!!!!! Cómo te vas?!?!!?

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