Monday, June 27, 2016

Party Time With Mission President and Wife

Elder Pukahi with Mission President Morales and Sister Morales
June 27, 2016
Dear Mi Familia & Friends,
MOMMY, I love your emails!
YOU GUYS ARE DOING A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS without me but I’m so happy for you!!!! KEEP IT UP! Keep doing stuff because that means you are having fun and enjoying life—which you need to do after everything we’ve been through. And I know when I get back, we’ll do a lot of things together. But you guys already know that I’m going to go and have some fun for myself and I will be making you jealous so don’t worry! LOL.
But this last week we were able to do a huge amount of things. We found a great number of people that seem to want to progress, and we are seeing the blessings that God has given us.
Lunch in Reynosa with
CCM companion Elder McGary
Also, on Friday we had A PARTY! It was for our Mission President because him and his wife are leaving this week and because we achieved our goal for baptisms this last month. So we went to REYNOSA and I SAW EVERYONE! That was the best! Seeing every missionary is the best. I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone. I got a great amount of pictures.
Elder Mullins and Elder Pukahi
It’s been weird. God has just suddenly PUT people in our way. This week we found a woman who works in the Cyber where we write. She’s actually here right now, but after writing this last week, we started a conversation with her like it was nothing. We weren’t even trying to teach her the Gospel. We just wanted to get to know her and well, she’s now reading the Book of Mormon. She’s half way through 1st Nephi. She has some challenges, for instance, her husband… We don’t know if he’s going to cause trouble and even allow her to be baptized but we’ll find out soon enough. And she’s not the only one. This week was amazing. Even when I feel inadequate to do this work, somehow God trusts me to do it, and he puts people in our path.
My companion and I are now really tight. Elder Segundo is chill. At first it was hard but as we’ve grown together, we now have this special bond. I cannot even describe it. When we are teaching, it’s like I know what he’s going to say and I am just waiting for him to say it, so I can then testify of his words. I’ve learned a lot with Him and I’m learning a lot more. I mean we haven’t had the success we wanted but maybe it wasn’t the things that we needed... guys already know! I LOVE THE MISSION! I know with all my heart this church is the only true church upon the Earth. And the Gospel is the only way we can truly receive the pure happiness of life.
I love you with ALL my heart. I cannot even describe how much I love you guys.  STAY SAFE!
- Elder Pukahi

p.s. There’s a missionary here with me that knows Griffon Bodine, because Griffon is serving in his home…SMALL WORLD!

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