Monday, May 30, 2016

We Are Meshing More Every Day!

May 30, 2016


Dear Family & Friends,
I’m glad to hear that you guys are having more fun without me! lol. jk jk. But I am really happy you guys are getting out and having some fun together!
Me and my companion are meshing more and more every day. Sometimes it is hard but that’s a relationship! jaja lol! It’s true. A companionship is definitely like a relationship—we eat together, live together, go everywhere together!! I am just getting ready for the future..... And I’m NOT ready!
So my week—The truth is that it was a little crappy but also really good! So Tuesday we went to send the offices the baptismal forms and I found out that I have a virus on my SD card... and well…I LOST ALL MY PICTURES! So that stinks—ALL 631 pictures....WAAAHH! But at least I have the pictures that I sent you guys and I can get some other pictures from my other companions. AND I learned a valuable lesson. SAVE EVERYTHING ON MULTIPLE MEMORY DEVICES! lol. So there’s nothing I can why worry.
This week we had A LOT of people yelling at us and A LOT of people telling us that we are from the DEVIL. We also found a woman that is a pastor here from Illinois. That was fun. I’ve been learning a lot about finding the people that God has ready because there is a huge amount of people who just want to fight with us. I mean we can talk with them, fight with them, beat them to a pulp with just using scriptures from the Bible, but their hearts aren’t going to change. I learned this at the very beginning of my mission but God wanted to remind me this week. It is crazy. These people want to fight with us and call us names but I still find a way to love them. It kills me a little bit that I think this way but I guess it’s good.
But the brighter news is that I confirmed Angelica yesterday! SHE’S AWESOME! I wish I could share with you the many miracles that have happened this week, but I don’t have enough time. I will just like to share this little story about our convert, ANGELICA! I mean this week was crazy but we went and visited her. And when we did, we had a pretty spiritual lesson. Our lesson was about the Holy Ghost. When we started to talk about the attributes of the Holy Ghost and what the Spirit does, we could just feel the Spirit start to fill our hearts. She was really nervous about getting baptized, and she still is. But as we started to speak more and more, she ended up telling us everything about her fears. She knows that this GOSPEL IS TRUE. And she has been WAITING FOR US FOR YEARS. She’s scared about the future because her husband is in jail and when he gets out, she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. BUT she told us, with a firmness in her eyes, that she knows this is the true church and nobody is going to take that away from her. I have more stories but you guys are going to have to wait a little longer to hear them—LOL.
l love you guys!!! The gospel is true!

- Elder Pukahi

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