Monday, May 16, 2016

This Week We Worked Hard

Elder Sigundo and Elder Pukahi painting a house with two other American Elders.

They are in another area close by and we just helped them paint.

May 16, 2016

Week 28

Dear Mi Familia and Friends,

So first I just want to say that one of my investigators from my past area got baptized—Yeah! I’m so happy! But our baptisms here that were planned for this last week fell through....Wahhhh... BUT we are planning to baptize them this week, and some others the week after. AND we are going to have a baptism tomorrow of a nine-year-old boy so next week I will have a lot of news for you. Wooaah!

My companion is from Mitchuacan, Mexico. I think that’s right. He’s very interesting. In some ways we are similar and in other ways, we are completely different. HE’S A DANCER! So this past week after working all day, he’s been teaching me how to dance. I’m learning how to move my hips. LOL! We’re also living with another set of missionaries—one is also from Mexico and the other is from Honduras, so it’s pure Spanish in the house. But yeah!

This week we worked hard. It’s crazy how things went this week and how very interesting it is to work in this area. People told me that each area has its own unique way to work and it’s true. Right now I’m trying to figure all that out! lol. But as well I’m learning so much with my companion. It’s crazy. I’ve learned more in just this week with my companion than all of my other companions combined. One of the things is patience. It’s funny. I think one of the biggest attributes that I’ve learned from the mission is patience—from the investigators, the members, my companions, as well as myself.

Sorry.... I don’t have any pictures of the baptisms because my old companion hasn’t sent them yet.

Oh...and books... Please send me books like Jesus the Christ, The Day of Defense, and other missionary books. I’ve already read most of them but I want to reread them and mark them up. I’m a nerd now! lol. I LOVE KNOWLEDGE!
Les quiero!  Talk to you next week…

- Elder Pukahi

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