Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Baptisms This Past Week!

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May 23, 2016


Dear Family & Friends,

I can’t believe how fast the time is’s crazy!!! I swear the days are going by faster and faster every day, but I love it!


So the big news about the mission is that in the mission we’ve never broken the record of two hundred baptisms in one month but THIS month, we are going to break it! It is awesome how much Heavenly Father is preparing the people.

Right now I am learning a lot about myself and of our Heavenly Father. I am learning and starting to find the people that God has already prepared because HE HAS PEOPLE READY AND WE CAN’T WASTE OUR TIME WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT READY. Sometimes the people don’t even realize that they are ready to accept the Gospel but through the Holy Spirit, we can know if they are these people. I love the mission!

But I have some good news—We baptized three people this week!! And we have planned more but I will keep you updated on that. And I will attach some photos.

The young woman who got baptized is AWESOME!! She actually has a phobia of water, but she knows with all her heart that the Gospel is true! It is actually pretty cool AND she is courageous. Her whole family is pure Catholics, and they hated that she was taking lessons from us. She actually lied to them about her not getting baptized. She told us, “I KNOW THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE. This little lie won’t matter after my baptism. I want to follow Christ and that’s what I am going to do.”  I am a sucker because I started to cry! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!

[ So, I asked Jeremy (Elder Pukahi) the following… “Hey, I have a question... rewind back to when you were at the other area... so it sounded like when we were talking to you... when you lived close to the mission home in both of your areas, did you say you would go to the mission home pretty much every P-day?  I thought you said you would gather there with the other missionaries for sports and stuff...

Have you heard anything yet about who the Apostle will be that will come?  I was looking at the Mexico map and it looks like you are actually closer to the temple now where you are. You are closer to the Monterrey Temple.”   And this was his response… ]
So when I was in the other areas close to Reynosa, I went to the Mission office every P-day in the morning for a training and in the afternoon to play soccer and stuff. But now I am very far away! And I know it looks like on the map that we are close to Monterrey and everything but it’s actually like four hours from us. So, yea, we are farther from Monterrey AND we haven’t heard anything about the temple. I think they are waiting until our president leaves because he leaves next month!

I love you guys so much! I am doing awesome! Have a great week!

- Elder Pukahi

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