Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Elder Mullins, Elder Pukahi and Elder Phelps
My new companions
December 21, 2015
Hola, mi familia y amigos!
HOW’S LIFE?!?!  So many things have happened since my last email, and I have no idea what to say. But I love my companions and I love Reynosa!
We golfed today!
Okay, time to let you know what’s been going on… So I have the best companions. COMPANIONS! YES, that is correct—I said companions. I AM IN A TRIO AGAIN! Lol… but that’s okay because I love them a lot. Their names are Elder Mullins and Elder Phelps. THEY ARE BOTH FROM UTAH. I think Elder Mullins is from West Valley and Elder Phelps is from South Jordan. They are pretty cool and both have tons and tons of experience. They are both District Leaders. Elder Phelps is actually going to be killed off soon [an Elder’s term for going home soon] and Elder Mullins has been in more than a year. They are AWESOME. I can’t even express how cool they are.
Dad, are you proud!!!
Okay, so now where we are staying. I’m in the city, so I can receive packages easily. It just depends on how fast is gets to the P.O. Box in Texas and then to the mission home. So send packages whenever. I’m in no hurry!! We are like 10 minutes away by bus from the mission home. It’s pretty nice. The city is called San Jose, Reynosa.
Man, we got a lot of work to do. I could keep listing and listing what needs to improve, but it doesn't matter because that’s going to change now. We just talked with our mission ward leader about getting the ward more involved, so hopefully more people will be wanting to go to church and become baptized. I feel like every single missionary is only thinking about baptisms, which we need very badly, but it’s not just about getting baptized. It’s about Enduring to the End -- to keep going to church every day and trying to become better every day. Hopefully I can get the members to understand that and the new upcoming investigators. We’ll see. Wish me luck. I am trying my best!
Elder Pukahi Skyping for a very long time
with his family on Christmas day.
SKYPE! Okay, so we are going over to a member’s house at 5:00 pm our time (4:00 pm your time). I am so excited to talk and see you guys.
How’s Yoanna?!! How’s that good old stomach of hers?! Hope the baby is doing good.
Okay, so are you ready for me to tell you about my week? MAN, BECAUSE IT WAS A GOOD WEEK!
My first week I got doors slammed in my face, met probably the best members in the world, on my first day got a cake in my face to welcome me into the mission field by members, got yelled at by a loca abuelita [crazy grandma] to come inside and watch the news, had the mission Christmas party, and taught some great lessons. It was lot of things!
My first day with the best members ever.
About four minutes after this picture, my
face was in this cake.
Okay -- first about the loca abuelita… so we went over to this home because we had a cita [appointment] with the daughter to teach her. So we went there and was let in by the brother (not sure because my Spanish isn’t that good yet) but the daughter wasn’t there yet. So we just chilled inside the house, watching the family walk in and out of the door and I had no idea what was going on. But ten minutes later, she walked in. She’s very kind and started talking with us, but before we could even start the lesson or anything, the abuelita came in and both of them literally were forcing us to eat with them. We rejected and rejected and actually tried to leave but they literally wouldn’t let us leave unless we ate their food. lol. But we had to wait for the food to even be cooked. (Side note: people here do not know time, when the say right now it means like 30 minutes later, so when they say to have food and it’s only going to take two seconds, it means an hour). 
Walmart got burnt down...who would do that!
I've never been so sad that
I don't have a Walmart.
The funny thing is while the daughter was cooking, the abuelita told us straight up that she didn’t want nothing to do with our church, she didn’t want us to talk to her daughter, didn’t want anything to do with us really, and there she was cooking us food, making us EAT!  And even funnier was when the abuelita was in the other room, she then bursts in the room and starts screaming and screaming at her daughter. I am just fresh off the boat. I didn’t understand a single word that came out of their mouths when this was happening, so I just leaned over to my companion. He’s over there laughing so hard and what he translates for me is "don’t you dare talk to them like that! I like them! They are nice! They actually talk to me unlike you! They are nice to me unlike you!" and a lot more other words, but here I am, having no idea what is going on, peeing my pants. After that, I was utterly scared of that abuelita. I still am, but SHE LOVES US. And she’s scary lol. Oh, I love Reynosa!
Well, now for something spiritual… This week I invited people to baptism and tried talking to people as best as I could. My companions wanted me to start contacting and told me to pick a house. So I looked around, prayed in my heart, and saw this house next to us. With the little Spanish I know, I knocked on the gate. A guy came out and I talked with him, telling him who we are and stuff, but I couldn’t say much. All I did was smile because I didn’t know how to respond. But he told us we could come in and not knowing what to expect, we walked in and found a whole family of six. And the best part was that it wasn’t the complete family. When we went inside to visit, I tried my best talking with them.  We started with the lesson, talking to them about the restoration and how there was an apostasy where Christ’s church was no longer on the earth. And we explained how there was no light, no light of Christ at that time. And I don’t remember what we asked, but I remember the mom. The mom at first looked very, very hesitant about us when her son invited us in. But her answer was "we are all trying to find the light" and she said this with tears in her eyes. When I looked into her eyes, I could feel the SPIRIT so strongly. I taught and bore testimony and went by the Spirit but I know this is what she needs. And I think SHE knows that this gospel is what her family needs. We have a cita with her tomorrow, so I hope that they will progress.

I KNOW this church is true and I know this work is what I need to be doing. I love this so much and I thank you for allowing me to do this. I hope I can become like my companions and like my Savior. I try every day to be better and do more. So thank you for everything!
I love you guys with all my heart! I know this Gospel is true and brings Light into people's lives. I love everyone so much. Thank you for everything I have!

- Elder Pukahi

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