Monday, August 1, 2016

I Am Getting Transferred, Training And A District Leader!

Members from Matamoros
August 1, 2016
Dear Mi Familia y Amigos,
Elder Pukahi and Elder Eskeran
The Other Hawaiian
It was chill being with Elder Eskeran. He leaves soon to go back to good old Laie, Hawaii. OH, HOW I MISS THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!
P-days.... are super fun! I will send you pictures of what we did today. You were wondering if I was wearing my contacts… No, I don’t really where my contacts, just to play soccer or on some special occasions. Everyone tells me that my glasses are better and they are much easier so I’m sticking with them for now, especially with the sun and the heat and the dirt. Glasses are much easier. Speaking of heat.... I haven’t sweated so much in my life! I don’t know if I told you guys but here in Mexico there is a thing called the Canicula [a big heatwave], and we are in the middle of it! So yeah.....
THE PRESIDENT IS SUPER COOL! He’s just like the old President but nicer, happier, and with a lot more excitement!!! He’s so excited to do everything. It is pretty cool! He’s changed a couple of things but nothing major. He seems pretty cool!
Making tortillas and other stuff
BUT I HAVE NEWS… I HAVE TRANFERS!!! I am saying goodbye to Matamoros and I am going to Rio Bravo. duh duh duuuuuhhhhhh!  My new companion is Elder Cox. I don’t know anything about him! He’s fresh off the boat so I will be showing him the ropes as well as I did with Elder Perez. I am going to be a district leader as well. So wish me luck!  I am opening an area, training and in charge of a district, so I will tell you guys next week how everything goes!
It is really hard when changes come! We learn to love an area, the people, and just everything and then we get called to leave. Even though this ward wasn’t anything when I started, it’s now growing. Everyone that I have met in this area was for a reason and in this area, I have grown SO MUCH! I know God has a plan for each one of us and I know this change is going to help me grow for the better! It’s just a little sad leaving everyone. But our family knows very well, goodbyes aren’t forever, it’s always a see you later!
I love you guys!

Elder Pukahi

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