Monday, July 25, 2016

Well This Week We Had Exchanges For A Day!

Elder Perez & Elder Pukahi by a lake.  
(From this picture it looks clean but in reality it is very dirty.)

July 25, 2016
Dear Mi Familia & Friends,
It’s always so great to hear from you guys!! I get so happy every time! It sounds like you had a whole bunch of fun at the family reunion over the weekend. Hey, did you guys play SPUD?! I was just thinking of this game and how we seem to play it at every reunion. I’m tempted to play it with everyone in the house. I’ll send you pics if it happens
Elder Eskeran & Elder Pukahi enjoying spam and eggs.
Well, this week we had exchanges for a day and I went with.... drumroll.... ELDER ESKERAN! The other Hawaiian in the mission, so you guys already know what that means! SPAM, EGGS, AND RICE! What what! That’s right! I’ll attach a photo—pure Hawaiians here. Haha! And we then started talking about the weird things that our fathers do and he told me his father puts mayonnaise on everything... Dad, you have a twin! Haha! We just were laughing about all the crazy things our fathers do. Oh, father… I’m glad that you’re my daddy! Oh, the memories you give me!
This week we also had the Mission President come visit our ward! That was a little stressful because we had three confirmations and everything but it was really nice that he came. Our ward struggles to be honest. They don’t really like to work, so we’re working on trying to get them activated. So wish me luck!
A beautiful sunset at the end of a day.
We had a lot of success this week. We’ve been teaching a lot of lessons. The ukulele is working, as well as the fact that my companion is charmingly handsome. The people are letting us in… lol. We had some people come to church and so I’ll let you know if they will continue to progress.
I’m literally just so happy! I am learning so much and have much to learn. I am so grateful that I have my companion, my ward, my family and my life. I lack so much but I know that God is giving me what I need!
I love you all so much. Just remember this week about who you guys could serve during this week!

Elder Pukahi

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