Monday, July 11, 2016

I Have A New Companion!

With new companion, Elder Perez
July 11, 2016
It looks like you guys have been really busy!!! I love hearing all the great adventures you guys are having. I’m so happy for Danielle and James! Everyone is growing up—it’s so weird. I remember when we had no responsibilities!  Wasn’t that the life? lol!!
I am doing really good. So about my companion… My companion IS Elder Perez, but he’s from El Salvador—not Peru. That’s actually another Elder. They told me I was receiving a different Perez! This one just got to the mission. He has only been out like 2 and half months. HE’S CHILL!! I love this kid. It’s so nice to have a change. I love getting new companions but man, did we work hard this week. We found a whole bunch of people. It was crazy. We are going to have baptisms this week or the next. It will just depend on the people so I will let you guys know what happens.
But this week we found the Fernandez family. They were inactive, but we found them and now they are active. We are going to be baptizing some of the members of their family.
The Crew, Elder Perez, Elder Hernandez y, Elder Cruz
and me Elder Pukahi
My companion can SING!!!! He can really SING! He’s so good, and now we are taking the ukulele everywhere and singing to people. I guess we are using our talents correctly because we are finding success. When we had our first lesson with the Fernandez family, we started off with a hymn and WOW....the Spirit was so strong. The family started to cry. They told us, "We haven’t felt this Spirit for a long time. Thank you guys for coming.” And it is crazy!  WE literally did NOTHING. Even though we may walk a lot, talk A LOT, and do a lot of things. As missionaries, we really do nothing. God is the one that is doing the work. We just get to be a part of it. We get to love his sons and daughters as he does. How cool!  I am learning so much here in the mission! I love it. I really couldn’t explain how much I love the mission. It’s so weird.
But the new mission president is going to be coming this Wednesday, so I will tell you guys how that goes.
I bring the ukulele everywhere now and we sing to everyone!
Well, I hope you continue to have fun. I love you guys so much. Keep sending me pictures. It’s what I need.
The one and only,


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