Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Love Hearing How You Guys Are Doing!!!

Our Zone Celebrating Elder Mendez Birthday

November 14, 2016

Dear Mi Familia,
I love hearing how you guys are doing!!! It gives me a lot of happiness and joy.
What a great experience for you and dad to clean the Provo temple and to hear about dad’s experience with the employee there. I’m very happy that God could work through my father who is so wise and funny but really...God always has a plan. Everything is for a reason, there isn’t a thing “as by chance”. I know for sure that is true. I’ve seen it every day here in the mission. So I’m happy that Dad got to take part in this great plan of God’s.
Sometimes I wonder…what are we doing to help Heavenly Father instead of being a trouble to him or a hindrance to his work? I learned that when mom scolded me when I was little. I realized that it was better to help Mom out instead of being a little stink because if you do, you earn trust and privileges. Now what are the blessings we would get from God if we help him out? Well....it says it in the scriptures. GO search family.
This week was a little weird. I got to play the role as a counselor for a family because the parents needed advice on how to raise a child and the child needs help to respect the parents. It was really interesting. I don’t know if I ever told you guys about San Juana. She’s was an inactive member and when we contacted her, she didn’t want to let us in because she knew what would happen after… Well, we should be baptizing her son and daughter this weekend but this is the family that we are helping. My companion and I earned many valuable lessons from this experience. For example, you cannot give someone everything and then expect that person to always be happy. You have to help and allow a person work and gain their own happiness.
I love the work of God! It’s pretty fun!
- Elder Pukahi
P.S. I will think about what else I may need and I will email you! BUT REALLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!
MAN! You guys are renovating the house! That’s awesome. SEND ME PICS!  And

can you guys believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving?!! Who would have thought that it would be so close!

Our Zone

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