Monday, November 7, 2016


November 7, 2016

Dear Mi Familia,
IT’S BEEN A YEAR!  I got my package—GRACIAS for everything! My companions want to steal everything from me because they are super CHIDO! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I haven’t tried the new shirts yet because I’m still using my other ones. I haven’t changed them. My shirts are still somewhat “white” because I’ve washed them by hand for the past year. Some good old hard work!
Me and my companion didn’t get changed this week, so we still get to be together. It’s a good/bad thing because we act stupid together, but we are working really well!
Glad to hear that you talked in Sacrament meeting. I’m sure you are helping the ward with the great testimonies that you guys have. I’m so grateful to have you as my parents. Have I ever told you guys that?
I’m also happy to hear that you were able to go down and visit with Gma and Gpa Weaver. I love them and so glad to hear that you helped them. When we are serving others, we are in the service of the Lord.
This week was great. We worked well and found some great people. We had our investigators go to church, so we should be seeing some baptisms soon. I sure have learned a lot in the past year. It still blows my mind how time goes by so fast. For example, it’s only 48 days until Christmas. That is crazy to me because I know how fast that is going to go. People have been telling me that when you reach a year, the time goes double as fast. So well.... I guess I’ll be seeing the fam real soon then if time will go that fast.
Well, I got to go soon and save many more souls, right? That is what God asks of us, and we must be obedient to his will.
Hey daddy, remember the Secret? You know, if you are visualizing what you want, or always thinking about something, you’ll get it. Like with the phrase, "what you put out in to the world, you will receive.” Well, this principle of the Secret is just using gospel principles like faith, hope, diligence, and obedience. For example: if we want chocolate, we are thinking of chocolate, which makes us want chocolate more, until we want to act and go get chocolate. And if we want it bad enough, we will do anything to obtain chocolate. If we have great desires to brings souls to God, we think of bringing them to God, and then we act and try to bring them.
All of this just depends on our desires. What are our desires? Do we desire to do God’s will before our own?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be like Nephi... where all his life he’s always desired to know God and then acted righteously.
Well, I love the GOSPEL so much!
- Elder Pukahi

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