Monday, October 31, 2016

We Baptized The Parents!

Brother and Sister Vazquez baptism.
October 31, 2017

Dear mi familia,
Yep, I’m hitting the year mark in a few days! Where did the time go???
This week was a GREAT week. We are really finding the blessings from Heavenly Father. When we first arrived in this area, we were struggling but now we are seeing it was all worth it. And we are still struggling, but… now we get to see some blessings as well.
Well, we baptized the parents of the Vazquez family (Erick’s family)… Like I mentioned before, Brother Vazquez had a major problem with drinking. A HUGE problem but we got him to commit to stop drinking little by little. He hasn’t now had one drink for two weeks. He wanted to get baptized. And Sister Vazquez… well, she wanted to get baptized but has a huge fear of water. On the day of her baptism, she actually backed out but we were able to talk with her and we all said a prayer. We also gave her a blessing. We did everything step by step. Me and her got into the water and we had a conversation for about twenty minutes. During that time, I said the prayer and then, well, she got baptized. It was awesome!
This month has been great and we’ve received a lot of blessings!  I love you guys so much!!


Erick with Mom and Dad.

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