Monday, October 17, 2016

This Week Was Really Good

We had the Primary Program
October 17, 2016
Dear Mi Familia,
Wow! Sounds like you’ve been up to many things!  I’m glad to hear that everything is fine with Jamison—now I’m happy!
Glad to hear Grandma and Grandpa are visiting there in Utah. Tell them that I love them and MISS THEIR FOOD! I miss Hawaiian food and DONG YANG’S but mi Mexican amigos here sure know how to cook but nothing like mi abuelos!
This week was really good! WE WORKED A LOT! We are finding a lot of success now. I’ve learned A LOT of patience. A whole lot! I’m very thankful to God for the lessons I have learned in this area and I still got much to learn!
Norma is doing awesome. Her and her son are going to get baptized this weekend if all goes well. But we’ll see because Sunday was interesting.... We just finished a spiritual lesson and everything when she said, "I can’t wait to get baptized" and then her friend came over...
Her friend is a Jehova Witness and well, we were being very nice and getting to know her and everything, but then she started saying a lot of bad words and started saying "John Smith.” She even asked me if my name was "John Smith"... It got to the point where she started making fun of my Spanish and once she started doing that, well, my companion, Elder Salazar, couldn’t take it anymore. He told her, "As this nametag says, we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We represent our family but more importantly Christ himself, so please will you be more respectful." We looked at Norma after that and she was very happy. We left her with a chapter to read and then asked her to pray. She said the prayer with so much Spirit like that situation didn’t even happen. And then we left. We’ll find out tomorrow what happened after we left and what she says but I have faith everything will be great!
I was going to ask about the cousins! How are they?! How’s Nunu? and Carlton? Well...Cody will be getting married...that’s crazy! People shouldn’t be getting married right now. I’m chilling here in the mission, but it’s all good! Life keeps going. BUT JESSICA CAN’T GET MARRIED! Just saying.... you know me... JUST JEREMY!
I love you guys so much!

- Elder Pukahi

Me and my homie Geraldo

When Elder Paredes went home we had a party.

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