Monday, October 24, 2016

We Had Three Baptisms Saturday!

Norm and son Irvin with little boy Diego
October 24, 2017

Dear mi familia,
WOW, wonderful to hear that you’ve been up to great things again this week—this time helping Grandma and Grandpa Weaver. And glad to hear that you are thinking about family history because I’ve been really interested in all of that since I started the mission. It’s lame how I didn’t put much time in that kind of thing before the mission. Now I really regret that but well, there’s still whole lot of life to live.
I’m doing awesome. We had three baptisms Saturday. Norma, Irvin and a boy named Diego! I am sooooo happy. NORMA is awesome! Just her whole story and everything has been awesome. At first, she really didn’t want to get baptized but slowly she knew that she wanted it. We baptized her and her son Irvin. Her other son, Angel, didn’t want to yet, but we played soccer with him this morning and we will be going over later to watch the Restoration movie so we’ll see if a miracle happens.
Changes [transfers] are coming up and I’m sort of worried so I hope nothing happens. I don’t want to leave this area, and Elder Salazar and I want to stay together, but we’ll see what happens.
We should be baptizing this weekend as well... But sorry, family. I haven’t really talked a lot of about this family but remember Erick?  The baptism that happened two weeks before. Well, his parents should be getting baptized this weekend but we’ve been working with his father in trying to quit drinking, and his mom has a fear of water. So, let’s see what the adversary puts in our way this week…
But I’m doing really well!  I love the mission. Every day is getting better and better!
That’s awesome about Aunty Mavis and Uncle Bob’s mission call to Mexico! We just received a missionary that is from Monterrey and lives about 20 minutes from the temple, go figure! When do they go start serving the Lord? I think I have a friend serving in the same mission. I’ll ask them!
Love you,


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