Monday, January 4, 2016


Elder Mullins, me Elder Pukahi and Elder Phelps.  
In the back row, this is the first family (THE BEST FAMILY)
that I ate with when I came to Reynosa and this area.

January 4, 2016

Week 9

Dear Family & Friends,
So remember when I was talking with you at Christmas that I said that it was majorly HOT but now Reynosa is FREEZIN!!!!!  It’s been colder than I’ve ever felt in Utah AND there’s no snow! But I love it.
And yes, my stomach survived on New Year’s Day—lol! We ate at 4 houses that day, so I ate a lot of food!
Yoanna and Coleson’s baby—keep me posted. Glad you and Jessica were able to go to their baby shower. I need a picture when the baby comes. She is going to be GORGEOUS! I still can’t believe it but I’m so excited for them.
Tell everybody who sent me cards this Christmas…THANK YOU! It really meant a lot!
So… GUESS WHAT? I’m getting TRANSFERRED!  Yeah, crazy. I am getting transferred to Cumbres, which is literally four streets out of my area but it’s a whole other ward. I’m also getting a companion…Elder Rodriguez. I have no idea who he is yet but Elder Mullins does. Elder Phelps is actually getting transferred, too. He is going to Matamoros to become a Zone Leader in Buena Vista. Elder Mullins is staying as a District Leader in this area, so that’s really good! I’M SO SAD because I love them so much. But I know it’s for a reason. God has a plan.
It’s crazy. I’ve had only three weeks out in the mission, and I’m already getting transferred. I can’t even believe it, but GOD HAS A PLAN. I testify that this is true.
I’m EXTRA SAD because we have four FOR SURE baptisms these upcoming weeks. And we found them together and everything. I was so excited to baptize them but God has a plan. GOD DEFINITELY HAS A PLAN.
This is Mari and her son, Jose
(the investigators I was talking about)
I’m going to tell you a story of one of our investigators. About the time when I just entered the MTC, this hermaña, our investigator, had a dream. She had a dream of three angels dressed in white that come to her door and help her change her life. This was a complete month before I even came to this area. God truly prepares people for you and he has a plan. Her baptismal date is the 16th of January. Her son is now really interested and wants to be baptized as well. And he wants ME to baptize him! AND because of this, I can come back for their baptisms! I am soooo happy!
Well, I got to PLAY SOCCER this week!!! That was fun and my team won... lol. CAMPEONES!
I just love you all so much! I know with all my heart this gospel is True. Jesus Christ is our brother, our Savior, our redeemer, and He LIVES.
Thank you for everything. Everything that is in my life!
I also got the package which was THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! Thank You!!

Love you!!
- Elder Pukahi

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