Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Elder Adams!

Elder Adams, Elder Pukahi, Elder Turner
Happy Birthday to Elder Adams (April 17th)
April 18, 2016


Dear mi familia y amigos,
Okay, so on Sports day, there was a lot of people—pretty much everyone in the mission that could come. So I saw everyone! Wooah, it was pretty cool. And tell Grandma that Elder Eskeran and I use to see each other a lot but now he got transferred to another place where he can’t come to the offices every Monday. But he’s cool. We talked about Cody for a little bit and we always talk about the good kind grindz in Hawaii. lol.
These are all the Elders that live in the same house.
Elder Cruz, Elder ?, Elder Pukahi, Elder Adams,
Elder Turner, Elder Baker
The priesthood is crazy cool. I never realized how cool it is and HOW MUCH OF A RESPONSIBILITY it is. I feel so inadequate a lot of the time. For example… How can I be PREACHING the gospel? How can I be telling this person to REPENT? But then the Spirit comes into the room and gives me the strength and courage to use it. Dad, thank you for always being there, worthy to have the priesthood. I never realized how much you’ve done for me. Well—both of you. Thank you!
This week was pretty good. We have found some awesome people. Well, they seem to be awesome right now... but I will let you know how they progress. Most of the time, our investigators are awesome at first but then something happens and they become the opposite. But I know this won’t be the case.
There’s something I have realized. And I ask forgiveness to all my teachers who have asked, “does anyone have questions?” and not one of us replies back. Because I have realized that if people are asking questions, they are learning. If they are not…then... We just have to ask them the right questions, so they give us the information we need-- the life of the mission.
Another goofy picture with the birthday boy.
Well, I’m still working on a lot of the things which I could do better. But this week I’ve learned a lot. It’s funny... because during the days I don’t realize necessary that I’ve learned anything. But as I'm sitting here thinking about the week, everything just comes flooding back to my mind, and I realize how much I HAVE learned.
What I learned is... sometimes the person you want to help isn’t the person you NEED to help. And the only way we will know is if we rely on the Spirit, so the Spirit can lead us in the way we must go. This week we had two people to visit at the same hour. And this week we ran out of money on our phone. These investigators live on two opposite points of our area, and we had no idea what to do. We really wanted to go and teach one of our investigators who was progressing really nicely and everything. But we didn’t know for sure if that’s what we should do, so we prayed. We felt that we needed to go with the other person. The other person was just a contact, which means we talked with them and asked them if we could come again another day, and we set up an appointment for another day and hour. But our other investigator was actually more important because they were progressing and we’ve never taught the other guys. But we felt confirmed with what we needed to do. And as we went and knocked on their door, they gladly let us in and we had a very strong lesson. We found out later that night that our other investigator wasn’t even home. If we didn’t go to our now NEW investigators house, they wouldn’t have let us come back again. They came to church this week. So we’ll see how things go!
I love you!! Thank you for everything you do and the blessings you have given me!
Elder Pukahi

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