Monday, April 4, 2016


April 4, 2016


Dear Family & Friends,

I have FIVE MONTHS in the mission. Now that is weird. weird. weird. weird. You are right, mommy. Time is going by sooo fast. Everything is going crazy fast. It’s funny how we both realized the same thing this week. I just realized it in a different way. EVERY SINGLE thing we give can come back except for one thing—TIME.

So it got me thinking of what am I am doing with my time. Am I spending it selfishly? Or am I giving it to the Lord? I find myself, even though I’m on a mission, still being selfish with my time. And what I need to do is give everything to the Lord. In Matthew 10:39 it says, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for my sake will find it.” To do what the Lord is telling us in this scripture is that we need to give all of our time to the Lord. And I think that is what the Lord has been preparing me to do. He’s prepared me throughout all the trials I’ve gone through and still going through. Especially through the death of Josh, which I now find was a blessing. God works in mysterious ways. 
I ran into my old companion, Elder Mullins
But today we had SPORTS DAY! So that’s pretty cool! We had the missionaries of Reynosa and Rio Bravo at the Mission Office and we played volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, but most of all…SOCCER!  YES!  I love to play my soccer, so that was fun! Other people have pictures of that, so if I can get some pictures from them, I will send you some. 

Sports Day
So this week was pretty good…the reason why...GENERAL CONFERENCE!!

I’ve never ever, ever, ever, ever been so excited for General Conference in my life. I love it! The mission changes you… for the better. But can I just say… that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and the only true church in the world today. I really never understood that until I came here on the mission. I knew it was true because I had a testimony but as I have learned more, I have learned that this church REALLY is the true church and I guess I NEVER realized how much of a blessing it was to be born into this church. I don’t think a lot of people do.

But let me get back to Conference… I can’t remember right now which talk I was going to talk about BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD! I think every woman needs to go watch the Priesthood session because they literally told us what we need to be doing as priesthood holders and as men. So if your son, your husband, your dad isn’t doing what they ask—PLANCH THEM! (I don’t if Jess knows this word but ask her if she does.... it’s a mission word.) 

I don’t know what else to talk about. Everything has been good. The days are still harder, harder than ever, but the weeks are sweet. I just love you all and I thank God for every moment that I’ve had the opportunity to be with you. ALL I can say is that we are a part of the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD.

- Elder Pukahi

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