Monday, March 28, 2016

WEEK 21 Pictures

March 28, 2016


Dear mi familia,
That’s awesome to hear about Aunty Jody and Cavin being there and the whole family getting together for Easter and playing games and all that. So happy for you all!
That Easter video that you emailed me, made me wish that we had ipads. I envy the missionaries that have ipads because they really don’t know how good they got it. To show someone this video, it immediately invites the Spirit in the room. It’s crazy. The message that this video brings is so good. What is amazing to me is that I bring this message to people every day—EVERY DAY. I just pray that I can bring it in the way that the people need it.
We have SEVEN people in the house now! We got a newbie so that was fun. His name is Elder Barrera. He’s fresh from the CCM [Mexico MTC]. He’s the son of the Zone Leaders (Elder Baker and Elder Turner). I’m pretty sure I’ve told you all about the other Elders in the house. But MOM! Thank you for teaching me how to clean up after myself and other things like that. Some mothers did not teach the kids who I live with. I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART, but they kill me sometimes.
[Okay, up above when Jeremy says that the newbie is the “son” of the Zone leaders, this is mission talk for he is being trained by them. Whoever trains you on the mission is your dad or your mom, like with the sister missionaries. And the relationship continues, like when the trainer’s trainee trains someone, that is now his/her grandson. Or the other missionaries your trainer trains are now your brothers or sisters. Other mission lingo includes when you are close to going home, you are about to “die” and whoever is your last companion “kills” you.]
So this week. It was GRAND. We had a lot of success this week so that was a YES! With a fist pump in the air kind of JOY! But what I truly learned was humility and that God answers prayers. So... humility. I realized how much God is merciful. He has given me everything.
The reason is because Manuel is not doing so well in the health department. So we went over to give him a blessing and everything. And when I held his arm, it felt exactly like the arm of Josh’s when it was in the BAD DAYS. And with just the touch of the arm, every feeling that I have felt for Josh came rushing back…so what I learned is how loving our Father in Heaven is. He has blessed me with life every day, even though I do not deserve it, while greater people than I who deserve to live and grow, do not.
This experience helped this week because yesterday, we went to go with our investigators to church. We went to their house to catch a ride with them to the chapel, but when we got there, their car wouldn’t start. How Satan is so clever! So we called all the members who could have helped us but they were all in a different city. We then decided that we would go and take a taxi but as missionaries WE HAD NO MONEY!  So yeah... we were pretty much stranded with investigators that wanted to go to church with no ride. And so we walked, and as we walked I said a prayer, and what I said in my prayer was this --"Father, you told me when I needed something, I needed to ask. And by your will, you will grant it. Father, I am here with your children who want to come to you, and we have no ride. What I ask of thee is that someone...anyone to pass in front of us that can help us." I kept walking, not knowing what was going to happen. But two minutes later, a family of members pass in front of us, asking if we need a ride. The weird part is that they lived in the opposite direction of where we were. They felt impressed to drive this way instead of the other. So yes, this Gospel is True!
I love you guys and know that the other side is not far! Stay safe and keep smiling!

- Elder Pukahi


Elder Adams, Elder Barrera (our newbie), and me.
Here's us, just dorking

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