Monday, March 21, 2016


"People in my house minus Elder Gomez. 
Me, Elder Cruz, Elder Baker, Elder Turner, and Elder Adams, my companion."

March 21, 2016

Dear mi familia,
Stop worrying, Mom, about me losing weight. It is just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hot here and it’s not even the Caunicula (Spanish word for 40 hottest days of the Summer ). Everyone says that when that two months come, you literally lose EVERY SINGLE fat on your body, so yeah, I’m going to stay skinny!
That’s so awesome that you all were able to attend the temple dedication for the Provo City Center temple. I wish I could go to the temple… BUT we just got word from the mission president that he asked headquarters if we could go to the temple with our converts as well as one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will come and speak to us. The reason is because last month we were the best baptizing mission in Mexico as well as something else. I don’t really know, I just remember it’s because we had the highest numbers of something. SO yeah…They’re suppose to approve that real soon, so I will tell you when that all happens.
This week was interesting and a little rough. We couldn’t get a lot of work done this week, so as a companionship and as a zone, we struggled to have lessons this week. But one of the lessons that we were able to do was super awesome. It was with the wife of our convert, Manuel, in our ward. From the very first time I met her, she always told us without a doubt, that she would never talk to us and never have anything to do with us. And from the very start, I told her that she would become a member of our church. She got angry and left. This was like three months ago. This last month, she’s been talking with us more, a little more softened in the heart, and talking to us about the family problems. Yesterday we had a lesson with her. I mean she isn’t going to baptized real soon, but what I learned from this is that WE LITERALLY ARE THE TRUE CHURCH. People are just drawn to it. They don’t know why, but they can just feel it. With her, she has seen the many changes in her husband as well as Karla, her niece (the same Karla I blessed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost), and she is wanting to know why. Sorry if I am sort of rambling but what I want to say is that during the lesson, I could feel the Spirit so strong. Stronger than I’ve ever felt it so far in the mission. All we taught her was one simple truth, one principle of the Gospel, and I know that is what she needed. I will keep you updated on her. She’s going to take some work but I have the faith.
We also had Stake Conference. It was weird, not having Stake conference in Utah—way weird but it was good. One of the speakers was so powerful. He just bore his testimony and it was like a BOMB SET OFF BY THE SPIRIT in our faces which was awesome for the investigators that were there. There were also some former missionaries that bore their testimonies, and what I realized is if I’m going to spend two years of my life preaching this gospel, why would I ever fall away?
I love you guys. I’m trying to “catch ‘em all” and baptize them...jk but not really. But I’m working really hard and trying my best. I pray for you guys every night, you mean a lot to me. We’ll be talking in like almost a month, just realized that. It is so crazzyyyy how fast time flies by.
THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE PACKAGE! It was awesome. I ate pretty much everything as well as my companions. I LOVE SPAM. I never realized how much I missed my Spam, eggs, and rice.
Well, love you! I wrote so much today...
- Elder Pukahi

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