Monday, April 25, 2016

MEXICO Is Pretty Cool! I'm Having Success!

Helping last weekend with a baptism.
We took out all the water in the baptismal font BY HAND...TWICE!
April 25, 2016

MEXICO is pretty cool! I’m having success! We aren’t having transfers until next week so I’m pretty happy because we are having a BAPTISM this weekend as well as the weekend after that. I’m pretty happy. Finally! My companion and I are having success in this area. I mean I’m not joking. I really don’t want to be transferred just before we start having our baptisms…lol. But we'll see. God has the greater plan in all of this.

In our Zone, we are doing really well. We just had five baptisms this last weekend, so it was really nice watching people taking the steps of baptism. We got our investigators to go to the baptisms which helped them have this excitement to take the same steps! I’m so happy about everything right now.

Well, every day I am learning, working, talking, but in one of our lessons this week, I learned the importance of listening. Our investigator is amazing.  She was living with another guy and she decided for herself to follow Christ. So she moved in with her brother in another house and she is very excited about baptism. But this last week, we were in her new house and we were listening to her tell us how happy she was and everything but for some reason, I knew it wasn’t true. I knew she had doubts about everything. And so I was listening to her and what popped into my head was just to bare my testimony and tell her that her father (who had passed away many years before) was happy that she is taking these steps. And then she started crying. And of course, we didn’t know why. But then she told us that the previous week, she had a dream of her father and he told her that he was happy at what she was doing. She didn’t understand it until I said those exact words and then she told us that she could feel her father. I KNOW that the plan of Salvation is real. And that people on the other side are waiting and wishing for their sons or daughters to take these steps.

The Gospel is true! I love you guys so much!

And YES, Lyndi told me about her mission call. She’ll be amazing!

- Elder Pukahi

I'm King of the selfies! lol

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