Monday, May 1, 2017

We Baptized An Angel

Elder Depeel and I Enjoying A Burger
December 12, 2016
Oh, mommy! You make me laugh with all your craziness!  I know me and my companion will be happy with the package. I won’t tell him. It’ll be a surprise.  #santaspresent
About sending cash… American money, well, it works. Because I am in Reynosa, they use the dollar here. Right now, it’s 20 pesos to the dollar, so I'm rich right now. lol jk. Because the mission only deposits the same amount of money each month, I am trying to be money smart and never use my debit card. So cash is great!
Happy that you got a Christmas tree. I think we are going to try and find one... or maybe make one. We’ll see if we actually want to become crafty this December. Lately I have been thinking and remembering some of our great memories we’ve had as a family with past Christmases. Elder Depeel and I are trying to plan out the holiday and everything. We’ll see what happens.
Elder Depeel is great. He has 21 months on the mission, He’s got blonde hair and I think blue eyes. He’s a little bit taller than me. I’ve grown a little here so you guys will have to try and imagine him. We get along really well. We are somewhat alike. Just picture me normal and quieter and you have Elder Depeel, so hopefully you understand who he is now.
Angel Baptism
We had a baptism this weekend. His name is Angel, he’s super awesome! I got to teach him a couple of times before we baptized him. He is a singer, so I am going to have him sing me a song. I want to try and film it. I will attach the picture of his baptism.
Well, a lot of things happened and I have no idea on where to start… Well, do you remember Manuel from my first area? He was the guy in the wheelchair. Well... he passed away two days ago. I attended his burial today in the morning with Elder Rodriguez, my former companion. It was a little sad. I wasn’t sad that my good dear friend passed away. What made me sad were the people or rather his family members that cried and mourned. They truly didn’t understand the Plan of Salvation. I felt sad but I am happy to know this gospel is true.
Convert Paloma
So all the investigators that I mentioned last week… Well, they should be getting baptized this weekend. So that’s awesome!
I love you guys so much! Thank you for always supporting me.

- Elder Pukahi

San Juana & Family Visiting

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