Monday, May 1, 2017

We Had Baptisms Just Before Transfers

P-Day with Zone
November 28, 2016

Dear mi familia,
Thanks, mommy, for the wonderful email! I'm so happy to hear about how Thanksgiving was with the family and to hear that everyone is doing great. I am a little worried, though, about Gma & Gpa. I hope they made it home safely.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMISON!  It must be weird having your birthday on Thanksgiving this year. You just need to celebrate it during another time of the year... AND it still weirds me out that everyone is now married or getting engaged. But it really is great.
I am attaching quite a few pictures this week. A lot has happened and we had a few baptisms this week. And YES, mom, me and Elder Salazar are working as a team with the other missionaries… Last week, with Milagros, me and Elder Salazar contacted her but the other missionaries helped teach her. Sometimes they would teach her and other times we taught her, so she is a shared convert.
The baptisms this week are an older man, a couple, and two kids. 
Marcelino Baptism
The older man is Marcelino. We've been helping him for awhile to get ready for baptism. He stopped smoking and everything. Pretty cool! 
San Juana with kids Baptism
The kids are Roberto and Frida and their mom, San Juana. They are my favorite! 
The couple we helped get married Baptism
And the couple is the couple that we helped to get married. They are as well shared converts. Elder Salazar and I taught them and then we placed them over to the other guys. We work as a team. And so we all helped each other with these baptisms. It’s been a wonderful experience!
But I got some news… We had changes, so that’s why I’m emailing late today. Elder Salazar (my child) is now training. I'm a grandfather again and I'm going to be a soon great-grandfather. Elder Cox is training as well, and the son of Elder Cox, Elder Hidalgo (my grandson) is training as well. AND Elder Gonzalez (my other grandson) is now training. So... I'm pretty happy. I'm leaving a lot of posterity.
But the other news is that I'm now a Zone Leader. I got transferred back to Reynosa, in the area of Juarez. And we all got changed today, so it was a little crazy this morning. When I arrived, the president was happy to see me and wanted to have a special meeting with me, so he pulled me into his office and everything. So it's been a pretty fun day.
Well.... about them apples! Just some good old transfers. I love you guys soooo much! Stay safe. And preach the gospel.
- Elder Pukahi
P.S.  I'm glad to hear that you guys finally finished Jamison's room. Hope you guys can finish the other rooms before I get home #porfavor... LOL! But send me a pic of how it is if you can.

And fun to hear you watched the movie, Moana!... People here talk to me about that movie because #Hawaii and they all assume that I've seen it. But nope, uh, mission… So yeah, it will be good to see what all the talk is about when I get home.

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