Monday, February 8, 2016

And He's Answered Me!

Elder Gornez in the background just told the dumbest joke.  
And that’s my reaction on my face with my ukulele!!!

February 8, 2016
Mi familia & amigos,
First to answer your questions, Mom…
1) Regarding my pants, I am good for now. If I need pants it’s easier if I just buy them here.
2) More details about my companion… Well, he is truly amazing. And he pushes me in every situation—which kills me but I know it’s for my good, and I love and thank God everyday for making us companions. He has 9 months in the mission, and of course, HE PLAYS SOCCER! Which is very nice, and he’s very, very smart. This is awesome and annoying at the same time. lol. But he’s great! I’m going to be teaching him the ukulele soon. And after the mission, I’m going to go visit him in Honduras, just letting you know. Oh… and HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT HONDURAS AND HOW IT’S BETTER! Always!
3) My language…well, every day it’s progressing. It’s just frustrating sometimes but every day it IS better!
That’s awesome, Mom, about being part of the Stake Baptisms. PURO BAUTISMOS CON MI MAMA!  And KAULANA— I’m so happy for him and glad that you and Dad were able to be there.
Okay… So this week was really hard. All of our investigators stopped wanting to be investigators, and so we’ve just been knocking on doors all week. AND also thinking of different ideas and ways to find investigators, so that’s been fun.
I’ve also been thinking of what’s the reason why I’m in this area? Just trying to find the plan that God has for me, and while doing that, I’ve realized how thankful I am for these members in my ward. They are truly amazing. And I’m thankful to have made friends with some of them. You can see what God has done in this ward.
But I think why I felt this week was really hard was not because of losing our investigators or the doors closing in our faces and people just rejecting us, I think it was because of my expectations. Everybody has expectations of themselves.  We have expectations of our investigators. And what I realized with the help of my companion is that my expectations for myself were too high. They were to high for me to do it all by myself. But we need expectations. If we don’t have them and don’t have goals and don’t have the mind set to keep working, keep progressing—we are nothing. But if we put expectations on ourselves that are too high, sometimes it’s worst than doing nothing. Because it could leave us worst than where we started.
This week I learned something important. I CAN’T DO IT BY MYSELF. I always need the help from my Father in Heaven. AND I ALWAYS NEED TO BE ASKING FOR HIS HELP. God is there. He is always there. Sometimes we just don’t know it. But if we ask humbly, he will answer. And he’s answered me.
It’s crazy here in the mission. We just keep learning and learning and learning— never stop learning. It’s pretty exhausting but I love it.
I love you guys so much! And thank you for everything that you have given me— every single thing!
Thank you to all the family and friends that have been there for me and my family this past year. I couldn’t thank you enough.
les amo con todo de mi corazón,

- Elder Pukahi

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