Monday, February 29, 2016

MARRIAGE! You Think About Marriage A Lot...I'm Just Saying!

Karla and Manuel, both converts.
February 29, 2016


Dear Family & Friends,

MARRIAGE!  Here in the mission when you understand God’s plan, you think about marriage A LOT…I’m just saying!
And to hear about everyone getting engaged in the last month or so, especially Danielle and Melissa…that is just TOO weird!  But I am so happy at the same time. But really more on the weird side…okay, definitely on the weird side!!
So sorry to hear about our neighbor, Mrs. Cano. I thought she was beating the cancer. My heart and prayers go out to their family. I got tears in my eyes just reading of her passing. It reminded me a lot of when Josh passed away and I’m very thankful for the opportunity that we had to see your son and our brother pass into the Spirit world. I now know how thin that veil is and how it is getting smaller and smaller and closer and closer every day. Every day I realize how much I miss my brother, but I know he’s proud of me and how he wants me to be here doing this.
This week I have a surprise…MY COMPANION IS LEAVING ME! Tears, I know!  Well, I’m sad because I’ve learned so much from him and what’s crazy is that in the first three months when you come into the field, you are what they call "in training." And right now, this upcoming week, will be my last week of training, and so it is very weird. I will have the responsibility to show my new companion the area, our investigators, as well as the members. So this is going to be interesting! My companion is leaving to Río Bravo which is another area in our mission, and I’m getting Elder Adams. I have no idea who he is yet and none of the Elders in my house do either but it is fine. I have faith that everything will be all right!
But I want to share what happened yesterday. We were with one of our investigators who is soooo ready for baptism, and she knows that the church is the true church. BUT her mom is very Catholic and her friends keep putting ideas in her head that she isn’t ready for baptism. She actually has a lot of trials which stinks, but we have been praying this week on how we can help her take the step of baptism.
During our lesson with her, we were talking and she was saying how she wanted to get baptized but that she didn’t know if she could and when. And as my companion was talking to her, I had an impression. So I went to my scriptures. I didn’t really know what I was going to say, but I opened the Book of Mormon and I came to Ether 12:6. I already had it highlighted and everything. I knew that’s what I needed to share. As I shared it, something in her face changed, and as I finished reading it, I asked her what she thought of the scripture and how it pertained to her. And with a smile and sincerity, she said "I feel this scripture is for me". And when she left, she was very happy and we’re planning her baptism.  So hopefully Satan can stop being annoying and just leave her alone so she can be baptized.
But what I want to share about the Holy Ghost is found in 1 Nephi 4:18. It talks about obeying the voice of the Spirit, and I am telling you guys how important it is to follow the Spirit. When we follow the Spirit, only good can come from it. I learned how important that is as I have seen this week that every time we have followed the Spirit, it has led us to people who are ready to accept the Gospel.
I’m learning a lot every day, and I’m going to be learning a lot more this week with my NEW companion. I’ll be able to tell you even more about him next week.
I love you all!

- Elder Pukahi

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