Monday, February 22, 2016

So Yes, I'm Doing Great!

Elder Turner who is one of 5 other missionaries that live with Elder Pukahi.   Elder Turner is from California.

February 22, 2016


Hola Family & Friends,

So yes, I’m doing great. How is the fam?  How is Yo’anna and Coleson managing with the new baby? How’s the pretty, little princess? How is the family back in Hawaii?
You were asking about Reynosa and how it compared to Nacho Libre… It’s pretty accurate—you have no idea. But then again Reynosa is very different from the rest of Mexico but it’s pretty close.  One thing you should know about Reynosa is THERE IS NOTHING TO DO HERE ON P-DAYS. There are no museums or things like that. But I get to play soccer… so yeah...just letting you guys know.
Transfers... I think it’s going to be the first week of March. Don’t worry about getting me a package. I don’t need that many packages but I am very grateful for them! Thank you!
Kids are amazing. Mom, I’m so happy about your calling in the Stake Primary. Kids literally are angels just like Jesus Christ says in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. There are kids that we know here who are just perfect, and when they hear of Jesus Christ, they just know. They feel it’s true because they’ve had less time away from him. But then on the opposite, we have their parents who want nothing to do with the Gospel and I don’t want to be mean but they are horrible parents. So THANK YOU, Mom and Dad, for raising us with love and righteousness. It just hurts that I can’t help them with anything more.
Man... The work is getting better but I can’t get prideful or God will just put me back in my place, so I’m just going to say, it’s getting better. It’s still hard. People are still rejecting us, but at least right now, we have some fun with them. But God is just preparing us for something more.
Me and Elder Rodriguez are growing closer together and learning a lot going through this. But it helps a lot living with other missionaries. There are six of us living in the house together. We all help each other, and it’s nice hearing everyone’s wisdom. It’s crazy how much wisdom these twenty-year-old boys have. God really does work miracles. I mean look at us. How are we baptizing? We are literally 18-20 year old boys. Like Quinton said in one of his emails. THIS CHURCH MUST BE TRUE if we have 18-20 year olds doing the missionary work and we are able to convert others. We haven’t screwed it up. It really is crazy!!
Well, I just want to say this. This Gospel is True. it changes people’s lives. I mean just yesterday we had our recent convert (of just one month) accompany us on a lesson, and she bore testimony of what she knows. AND now our investigator is getting baptized. But our convert, if you knew her before and know her now—you can just see the difference. It isn’t that she changed her hair or lost weight…she glows, literally just glows. When she bore her testimony, you could just feel the Spirit and the truth that she bore. She doesn’t realize this change. All she knows is that she is happy, and I’m here to testify that it is the light of Christ that is in her now. You can just see it, and I can’t express how happy I am to see her like that.
This work is true, and I’m glad I am out here.  I love you all so much!
Les amo mucho!

- Elder Pukahi

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