Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day To You!

February 15, 2016


Hey Fam! & Friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! YOU ARE ALL MY VALENTINE!
Okay, Mom, do I sound depressed in my emails? A mission is really hard but I’m not. I’m really happy. It’s just hard.
So… all the Spanish speakers in the house think I’m rich because our family flies all the time. I tried to explain about Dad working for Delta but they wouldn’t hear it. lol. But I’m happy you guys are having some fun. I want some pictures!
I’m thankful to God every day for you all. I pray each day for him to bless you and He is. This makes me very happy. Like you said Mom, I also testify that "He blesses us when we don’t know we need to be blessed". I see that all the time here in the mission, specifically with my companions. Each one has blessed my life. I mean it’s different things. Things you don’t realize you need or need in order to work, but God has put people in our lives to help and bless us. It’s pretty awesome. And I’ve learned how awesome God is through my converts.
Well, this week was also hard. BUT little by little we are getting success. And that really is it…little by little. As humans we always want things in an instant or right now. But life—God—isn’t like that. We see this in our investigators ALL the time. They always expect an answer to their prayers right then and there. But it doesn’t come. And then they close their hearts and don’t except anything. That’s the problem with man. We have pride. We always close our hearts if things don’t go our way.
But like it says in Alma 26:27… (Man, I can’t believe I’m going to share a scripture. I told myself I wasn’t going to be this kind of missionary) but it says (I’m translating it from Spanish so it’s not perfect from the scriptures) "and when our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn away, behold, the Lord comforted us and said to us: Go back to your brothers the Lamanites and suffer with patience in your afflictions and I will give you success." He promises us if we are just patient and don’t give up, and don’t let our pride get in the way, that he’s going to help us. HE will Help Us! I learned that this week. Little by little we are getting success, and right now we have to work and work and work because God is preparing us the people who need this Gospel.
I love you guys so much! And mom, of course, I remember Nacho Libre’s big kiss, little kiss, little hug, little kiss… It’s actually pretty funny because I make Nacho Libre jokes here in Mexico but they don’t think it’s funny. SO I just laugh by myself but it’s okay… because I’M laughing.

- Elder Pukahi

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